Responsive Website Design

It may seem that domain market is shared between the large players and has no space for new companies. However, making money on domains reselling is still possible. Every year the number of websites on the web is growing. According to the growth for 2017 is expected to be around 50%. All these websites need domains that can be bought from you if you can provide right market positioning and promoting.

With NoorAX reseller program, you can offer domain names exclusively. This way, you can target domain-ambitious customers using a great variety of attractively priced domain extensions. We are constantly updating our Top Level Domain (TLD) portfolio and customizing the prices themselves to make sure you get the competitive edge needed to maintain a successful business on the busy domain reseller market. Your customers will be able to manage their domains with ease using the fully featured Domain Manager, which comes with each TLD. Our domain reseller platform is fully automated. All you need to do is select the TLDs that you'll be offering and set your own retail prices. You can leave all domain registration and client billing responsibilities to us.

NoorAX domain reselling service includes:

  • Complete ecommerce website:
  • Sell online services and domain names complete with shopping cart and credit card processing.
  • Fast setup, start selling in minutes:
  • Select your theme, pick your products and publish. No technical experience required.
  • Choose what to sell:
  • You can disable almost any product you don't want to offer and support.
  • Customizable Themes:
  • Make your site looks great and with professionally designed customizable themes.
  • Set your own prices:
  • You decide what to charge your customers for products offered through your storefront.
  • Free marketing assistance:
  • If it's okay with you, we will market directly to your customers as YOU to promote YOUR website. We want your site to succeed, so we will always direct your customers back to YOU.
  • Advanced customization:
  • If you have the skills, edit the HTML and CSS to customize your site to fit your needs and tastes.