Franchise Marketing

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Digital marketing has emerged as a primary marketing strategy for franchise development. Many franchise developers have embraced digital marketing, while others have found the learning curve to be difficult and costly. As a corporation with multiple franchises, you have a unique responsibility: To make each franchise stand out online while ensuring brand consistency. While you may have a pre-designed website that you provide to each franchise, this is not good enough. It is paramount that you implement a digital marketing strategy specifically designed for franchises so that each of your locations can be found on Google. Beyond that, you need to allow each franchise to create their own voice so that they can appeal to their specific target market and the nuances of their location.

Luckily for you, franchise marketing is one of NoorAX’s specialties. Not only have we helped franchisees and franchisors navigate the waters of digital marketing, but we’ve also gotten them such great results, we can share them in case studies. NoorAX help franchisors navigate the landscape of digital marketing, working with their internal teams and their suppliers to refine processes and improve results. Most of all, we help franchisors stand out from the crowd, inspire emotion, aspirations and actions. In this post, NoorAX will deliver the toughest franchisor and franchisee marketing obstacles and how our franchise digital marketing team overcomes them, along with quick wins to help boost your online marketing presence and give your marketing strategy a kick-start.

NoorAX knows how challenging it can be to give each franchise independence while also staying true to your corporate identity. We also know the exact methods and strategies to use to ensure your digital marketing for franchises is a success. Here is some insight into our comprehensive, proven method that can help your presence as a corporation thrive while also boosting the rankings of each individual franchise.

Our consulting services include:

  • SEM / PPC
  • Optimizing Franchise Portals
  • SEO Strategies
  • Mobile
  • Social Media