Tracking and Analytics

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Most of the people today prefer to call the company directly rather than submitting the contact us form or sending an email. Your CSR must know and implement the strategies to convert each phone call into potential clients.

  1. Get To Know About You

    Our experts conduct an extensive meeting with your team to know about your services, products, and the CSR team.

  2. Identification of Strengths & Opportunities

    The second step is to identify the strengths and opportunities of your CSR team review your call log in details.

  3. Documenting our Findings

    We present our findings in a detailed report after three to four weeks. The report will also contain the performance tracking of your team.

Our professional experts will work closely with your team to train them how they can apply smart selling concepts to generate more leads from phone calls. Our ongoing training sessions will develop a confidence in your CSR team and they will be able to handle difficult situations on a phone call.

Why Choose Us?

NOORAX team has worked with billions of satisfied clients over the past few years. You can achieve the following advantages through our Smart Selling Services:
  1. Discovery of major problems that lead to a lower number of customers
  2. Effective approaches to close sales while receiving the first call
  3. Developing strategies to track and recover lost leads
  4. Ongoing training sessions based on your specific business needs and CSR team
Don't miss out on your business opportunities and get in touch with our experts at NOORAX just feel free to ContactUs.