Pay Per Click

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Why Do You Need A Professional PPC Campaign Setup?

The most cost-effective way to grab customer's attention and drive traffic towards your website is pay per click. Usually, small business owners don't have much time in order to maximize the ROI on their paid search, as they don't have the required expertise, time and the tools.

Setting up a PPC Campaign That Your Business Deserves

Every client has different requirements, some might need one time PPC setup or the others are looking for an ongoing campaign management. NOORAX has a specialized team that has expertise in PPC services such as Bing Ads, Google AdWords and social media promotion campaigns etc. Our campaign will definitely help you in achieving your targets and a wise strategy will be formulated to deliver measurable results. Our experts have access to all the latest tools that are currently being used in the industry to monitor your business growth.

The following steps will be followed by our experts to set up a PPC campaign.

  • Identify your business goals and formulate a strategy accordingly
  • Choose the most popular search engine such as Bing Ads or Google AdWords that you are going to use for your advertisement campaign
  • Create an account and complete the Signup process
  • Now the selection of PPC Keywords will be done for your product
  • A bid will be decided for different keywords along with monthly or daily budget
  • Your PPC advert will be designed
  • A relevant landing page will be linked on your advertisement
  • Finally, the results of the campaign will be observed closely
If you want to learn more about our PPC Campaign and pricing, get in touch with our experts that will design a tailored strategy that meets your business needs keeping in mind your budget. Feel free to Contact Us.