Franchise Marketing

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When considering your decision there are several factors that you have to consider. One of the most important is the type of keywords your business requires to rank in search engine results. These are keywords or key phrases that potential franchisees submit to Google in hope of finding the right franchise business for them. Researchers have found that searches for keywords that had high commercial intent have resulted in a larger amount of users clicking Pay per click ads, almost twice as many, over regular organic listings. This means for those franchises and businesses attempting to sell a certain topic, Pay per click can be a handy tool.

NoorAX has extensive experience helping franchise businesses like yours cost-effectively market their companies on the Internet, improve their overall online presence and visibility, and get more leads and sales from the web. Whether you’re looking to fine-tune your existing franchise PPC campaign or you’re starting from scratch and need a complete pay per click setup, NoorAX specialists are ready to help.

When you choose NoorAX, we handle all aspects of your franchise PPC strategy—from keyword research to ad copy creation to bid management and more. We’ve managed paid search accounts for all sorts of businesses across the country. Through the use of PPC, or Pay Per Click, we are able to analyze statistics from local, regional and corporate levels to pinpoint where your marketing strategies need improvement.

We offer a comprehensive, integrated approach to paid search advertising that encompasses:

  • Pay-per-click strategy and management: Boost the return on your PPC investment with PPC marketing strategies and metric-based management that support your business goals.
  • Google AdWords management: Capitalize on our expertise in campaign development, management and optimization; remarketing.
  • Banner advertising: Combine compelling visuals with persuasive text in a highly-targeted campaign to reach new prospects or remarket to those who already know your brand.
  • Pay-per-click audits: Discover what works well in your current campaigns and what needs improvement. An audit is the first step toward better overall performance, higher conversion rate and a lower cost per lead.
  • PPC lead-generation strategies: Produce more leads with strategies that optimize every campaign element and capture every response. Spend your time following up with qualified leads, not struggling to master online advertising.