Search Engine Optimization

Responsive Website Design

The top organic results on the first page of the search engine usually secure the most amount of clicks on a daily basis. According to a research, about 90% of the searchers never go beyond the first page of the search results.

You will be able to make informed SEO decisions in terms of traffic projections, efforts and the cost based on an efficient competition analysis. You will be able to design a systematic campaign to outsmart them by measuring the SEO rankings of competitor's traffic, rankings and the link equity.

You might have missed some specific tactics that are vital for the success of a business, but by conducting a digital competitor analysis you will be able to focus on these specific tactics. To ensure that our clients stay ahead of their competitors, we use the latest custom competitor analysis techniques including both the automated tools and the manual research.

Expectations From Our SEO Audit:

You might have faced a common scenario considering that a new competitor starts appearing higher in search results than many other companies that have been successful in the past and have established themselves. An effective SEO can entirely change how your business looks like in the real world. Our dedicated team at NOOAX has all the skills and expertise that will keep our clients stay ahead of the game.