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If you are struggling with your PPC campaign you should enhance the prospects of your campaign so that you are able to get fruitful results. NOORAX PPC Campaign audit services have helped several businesses to observe a dramatic increase in their returns within a short span of time.

Expectations From Our SEO Audit

Our experts will help you in reviewing the historical performance of your paid search accounts. They will start with the identification of those areas that need improvement and building a custom marketing strategy to improve your conversions and ROI. That will help you in improving your rate of conversation and lowering your cost.

Our PPC audit specialists thoroughly analyse your account in terms of the following:

Campaign Structure Review

We ensure that Ads and keywords are effectively targeted our team divides ad groups into different campaigns. The division is also done under display and search network.

Ad Group Structure

Ad relevance is the most important among all factors that are important for PPC. We examine the keywords if they are tightly grouped through the use of common themes or not by reviewing the ad group structure.

Keywords Optimization

Keyword Audit is the process during which the frequency of broad, exact and phrase match keywords is checked. Our PPC campaign audit team look for the existence of negative keywords and ensures the relevant traffic by adding more keywords. We use different strategies to reach out to the target audience and grab the attention of a wider audience.

Ad Text & Landing Page Optimization

Our PPC audit team ensures the synchronization of ad copies, landing pages and the keywords that are relevant.

Impression Share Evaluation

We ensure that the ad reaches out to your target audience by evaluating the impression share of your paid search campaigns.

Bid Amounts & Current Setting Review

We perform a detailed review of your bid amounts and a current setting to help your business grow by earning the maximum ROI.

If you think that your current PPC Campaign is underperforming Contact Us with your project details and our team will get back to you.