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Test across a wide selection of iOS and Android devices on our public cloud. Or test across a variety of devices dedicated to your organization with the highest level of security on a private cloud. Automate your tests by integrating with your Continuous Integration (CI) server or step through your tests manually to troubleshoot bugs on thousands of devices with lightning fast response times. Provide your mobile app users with exceptional digital experiences across any device, OS version, screen resolution and network condition. Accelerate mobile testing cycles and increase the quality of your releases by continuously testing your native, web and hybrid applications across 1000+ real iOS and Android devices in the cloud with automated or manual testing. As web users migrate to mobile devices, it’s crucial to provide seamless, user-friendly experiences across platforms.

NoorAX provides comprehensive mobile app testing using real devices, emulators and simulators. With thousands of real devices for Android and iOS, NoorAX supports test automation with popular automation frameworks. In addition, teams can automate native, hybrid and mobile web apps for complete coverage. Many efforts have been made to adapt user testing methods to mobile interfaces. Often, they have relied on external cameras, a solution that is costly as well as logistically complex, and is easily foiled by screen smudges or hands that get in the way.

We knew that a proper mobile solution would necessarily rely on screen capture, but on mobile devices, screen capture without taps and swipes is as useless as desktop video without the cursor. NoorAX’s mobile user testing solution makes it easy to;

  • See how users are experiencing your application from their phone or tablet
  • Hear actionable, specific tips and insights from users in your target demographic
  • Maximize your app’s retention rate with intuitive, user-friendly design
Our solution provides mobile user testing the way it was always meant to be: lightweight and flexible, fully contained by native mobile technologies. NoorAX offers a public and private Real Device Cloud for customers looking to expedite testing for their mobile apps without compromising quality. NoorAX Real Device Cloud (RDC) has thousands of Android and iOS devices for an intuitive manual and automated testing experience that is very easy to use.