Tracking and Analytics

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One of the most essential marketing tools for any business is call tracking and it is based on the phone calls for leads, customers and the clients. You can easily identify what works best for your business through call tracking services as it tracks your conversions and ties those conversions to your website.

Businesses usually tend to overlook SEO call tracking while launching their marketing campaigns. Over the past few years, we have learnt that phone leads generally help to urgently grab the attention of potential clients.

Most of the businesses that get their major conversions based on the phone calls are majorly depending upon the Call tracking industry that has an approximate worth of $1 billion. Call tracking can actually be beneficial to your SEO strategy and it can increase your business revenues to a level that you can't even think of.

Marketers can achieve the following objectives through Call tracking services.

  1. The accurate calculations of ROI for different advertising campaigns can be estimated
  2. Measure the efficiency of a marketing channel through the number of calls
  3. Market budget optimization for your advertisement channels
Landing Page Optimization

Cal tracking services can help you to lead your customers to your landing pages based on the keyword research. You will be in a better position to identify the keywords that resulted in more conversions.

Acts As A Conversion Indicator

You have use SEO to increase your deals, sales and conversions that are generated by your website rather than just generating more traffic to your website. If you are running an SEO campaign you must have a reliable indicator of your traffic conversions and that is only call tracking.

Identification & Optimization of High Converting Pages

A person is making a conversion when he contacts your business through a phone call based on the information that is available on your website. You can identify and optimize those web pages that are generating more conversions for your business by tracking calls.

In short call tracking has become a major part of the campaigns that are run by many businesses. It can act as a useful tool for your marketing strategies as call tracking analytics provide a lot of useful data. Notably, the web performance of your business can be enhanced and SEO can be made more efficient.